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  In the late 1960s, the thousands flocked to Harvard Stadium to hear the last major concert of Janis Joplin.  Among them were the disciples from science - and the core nerds who would later found WZEFX.  From those early days, the WZEFX team was fascinated by microcomputers and light - bouncing lasers off the moon, early holograms, & Edwin Land's polarized stereoscopic glasses. 

Fifty years later, accompanied by their younger generations, their Ideas, Inventions and Concepts appear universally  -- from Pucini and Turnadot to Taylor Swift.
  Edwin Land



Be Real & Experience


During the many moonless evenings aboard the sailing yacht "Starship" off Woods Hole,  the WZEFX team would dream of the holographic universe, tenderly guiding our accountant off his self-declared, undulating  "Holodeck" to the relative safety of the Starship's center cockpit.  In 1976, the voyage plunged down a biomedical rabbit-hole - and we became the many doctors Frankenstein - cloning for the first time unmentionable human body parts.  We were saved by the daughter of a Harvard Medical School dean whose transformations included emerging as Boston's Punk Rock star, and before too long we were reinvented as nerd groupies.   
In the late 1980s, the WZEFX team had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with a brilliant and artistic MIT classmate - EE/CS graduate Paul Miller.  Paul has been chosen by the renown artist Jenny Holzer to collaborate on her radical, eclectic 1000' long array of LEDs (light emitting diodes) spiraling within the evocative interior volume.  Jenny's LED art works would win the Venice Bienalle and be commissioned by noted museums, collectors and public spaces around the world.

Our collaboration, at the leading edge of LED fixture design, would benefit from the 1990s development of a commercial blue LED enabling RGB LED displays.  Paul's designs included the wireless transporation system for the city of Dallas, and the first, large screen, RGB LED television, installed in Memorial Hall, Harvard University in 1995. 

The same year, the WZEFX team - youngsters in tow - saw the European Cirque du Soleil "Big Top"  Unable to resist  the illuminated 'magic' wands for all the children. 
The next morning - the WZEFX 'LED' Magic was born.